Hitler's Rise to Power

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Hitler's Rise to Power Looking back at the horrendous events that occurred during the Second World War, many of the people effected or even not so effected often ask the question ‘Who let a mad man like Hitler come into power?’ The answer is, no one let him come into power, therefore it’s probably more accurate, to say ‘What enabled Hitler to come to power’ To answer this question, one must study the episode from 1918-1935 closely in order to understand the mood in post war Germany that would make such a rash and ludicrous decision possible. Of the many reasons that permitted Hitler to come to power, the core reason was most probably The Economic Depression and this was due to Germanys’ unexpected defeat in 1918. Like most countries in post war period, whether defeated or victorious, The economy is usually failing due to all the damage and destruction to industries and the loss of life during the war. However, Germany‘s economy failed considerably worse than expected. A few years after war ended, German politicians forcefully signed the Peace Treaties that had a terrible impact on Germany. By signing the Treaty, Germany had agreed to accept its terms. Germany had to loose all its colonies, disarm but most harsh of all it had to pay reparations. The reparation figure was £6600 million- an enormous amount, which the Germans thought, was very unreasonable. Nevertheless they had no choice but to pay it back to the allies. In the first year payments were on time however by 1922, Germany fell behind in payments, which caused the French to invade the Ruhr. The German governments ordered the workers to go on stri... ... middle of paper ... ... role of one factor. All the events lead to each other event eventually leading to Hitler‘s dictatorship. If the Treaty of Versailles hadn't been signed, Germany wouldn't have gone into economic depression, Hitler wouldn't have gone ahead with the Munich Putsch, he wouldn't have had a trial and been famous, therefore he wouldn't have been able to show off his communication skills, Hindenburg wouldn't have appointed him and he wouldn't have been able to make the Enabling Act thus he wouldn't have been in power. If we try to remove one factor, the chain is broken and things would have been so different. I conclude bys saying that no factor has priority over another and without all of the factors linked together, there's a great chance that Hitler would have never been able to gain authority over Germany.

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