Hitler's Rise Due to Treaty of Versailles

Hitler's Rise Due to Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles contributed to Hitler's rise by being the

most hated treaty ever brought about. The Treaty ruined any chance of

Germany regaining dignity after World War One. The German people

didn't believe they had lost the war or should be blamed for the war,

so when the Treaty gave them a term they had to agree with e.g. You

must take the blame for starting the war, they felt the terms were

unfair. Also what was unfair the German's were not there when the

terms where drawn up, so this made them unhappy but they also felt the

terms were hypocritical and unjust. The terms of the Treaty were too

harsh and the German people refused to agree to them The Treaty

crippled Germany by making them pay reparations for the damages

caused. Hitler was a wise man and used this to his advantage. He knew

that the German's were in serious trouble with money and debts, sp he

made promises to get them out of the hardship and out of unemployment,

he used his 25 point program to try and achieve this. Hitler spoke

well of these things he promised to do and won many Germens over, as

they were still bitter over the signing of the Treaty, by the Weimar

Government. This also helped Hitler, and again he used it to his

advantage by telling the German people that the Weimar here 'Stabbing

their army in the back'. Hitler called the Weimar the 'November

Criminals', because of the Armistice of November 1918. Hitler made it

look like the Weimar took the easy way out and just signed the Treaty,

he didn't give the Germans the facts. E.g. like either sign the Treaty

or start another war. The Weimar Government had to c...

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...fidence, made Hitler famous, and was the main building block

for Hitler and the Nazis success. With Hitler being able to control

600 storm troopers and being able to persuade Kahr and his Ministers

to support him gave him the chance to overthrow the Reichstag, and

prove his controlling, leadership is what Germany needed. Hitler set

up the Enabling Act knowing that the Weimar government was over. This

triggered a rapid change throughout Germany, known as the Nazi

revolution. Hitler had succeeded. The Actions of Hindenburg and Von

Papen were foolish but a final important cause to Hitler's rise.

Hindenburg and Von Papen tried to manipulate Hitler but instead it

ended in them giving Hitler his power. All Hitler had to do now was

keep his power, his extremist demands and his confident speeches to

the whole of Germany.
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