Hitler's Leadership: The Leadership Of Adolf Hitler

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Hitler was a prominent man, but for most all people he is not surely not notable for being fair or an honorable person. He was an atrocious person who is to blame for the deaths of millions of innocent people who did not deserve to die and died for no reason other than his extreme racist beliefs. He could not compromise and wanted things does his way and only his way. All he cared about was having power and he wanted to gain as much power as he possibly could. This attrocious man played an important role in changing the course of history, but how very significant was his leadership? The leadership of Adolf Hitler was immensely significant but in order to understand its importance you first need to know about Hitler’s early life, his beliefs, how he rose to power, and the things he accomplished in his lifetime…show more content…
In his youth, Hitler was a kind and quiet boy. He tried to avoid social and interactive situations. While Hitler was a hushed child, he owned malicious characteristics. Humiliating his teachers in front of the class was something he found enjoyable. He was skilled at being deceiving and also possessed the ability to outwit his challengers. Later on Hitler found a particular interest in art and pleaded with his mother to let him strive to become an artist. The young boy failed to get accepted into the art school he applied to. Hitler’s mother, Klara Hitler, would then die of breast cancer in the year 1907. Alois Hitler, Klara’s husband and Adolf’s father, would die January 3, 1903 of pleural effusion. Adolf didn’t really have a distinct interest in politics, he was focusing on trying to make money to stay out of poverty. Selling paintings got him enough money to live off of for a little period of time. It wasn’t until the German racist nationalism was propagated and being influenced by mayor Karl Lueger that Hitler became more captivated by politics. He started becoming more passionate about his

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