Hitler's Freedom And Bread, By Adolf Hitler

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Not only was Hitler incredible at manipulation through his own words and actions, but the propaganda he and the Nazi party released were just as effective, if not more. For example, one of Hitler’s most famous propaganda slogans during his campaign for Chancellor was the phrase “Freedom and Bread” (Hitler Runs For President). This particular slogan was aimed towards the working class for it essentially led to the idea that under Hitler’s rule, the working class would be guaranteed freedom and food to feed their families. It is also important to note that the latter part of the slogan meant a lot to lower-class families, especially during such a great recession when most of the country could not afford to eat.
Moreover, another popular propaganda
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The men in the image look stoic and well-dressed, yet their faces are dirty and the background is filled with smoke. In big, bold letters, the poster reads “We are for Adolf Hitler!” (https://www.loc.gov/item/2009631993/). Simply put, this poster was aimed towards the working class who were fed up with their work and were desperate for change. Since the poster portrays factory workers leaving work, along with the phrase “We are for Adolf Hitler” underneath, it influenced real factory workers by subliminally telling them that all workers are for Hitler, for he will save them from their miserable, mundane factory…show more content…
In one drawing, “a German farmer is selling his cow to two men, one clearly Jewish and the other non-Jewish but somehow allied with him [...] the two men are totally dressed in black while the blond, German farmer is in white. The caption below reads: ‘The Last Cow’” (Buscemi 189). In other words, the photo underlies the idea that Jews are doing the ‘perfect race’ wrong because they are inherently evil. In this particular cartoon, the Jews are getting rich by taking advantage of the German farmer. The propaganda enforced through these drawings facilitated Hitler’s manipulation of the public to get them to demonize Jews and further support the Aryan

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