Hitler's Actions The Main Cause Of World War Two

Were Hitler’s Actions the Main Cause of World War Two? Adolf Hitler was a great and inspirational leader to many but to others he was a cold-blooded and ruthless killer. He was born to Alois and Klara Hitler on April 20th 1889 in a small Austrian town called Braunau. He ruled Germany for 12 years (1933-45) and was an extremely interesting leader. Some would argue that Hitler was one of the most influential men of our time who had been given gifts from God himself. Hitler’s actions before World War Two certainly impacted on the outcome but he was not the only cause of World War Two. There were many other factors that influenced the beginning of World War Two. One of the big causes of World War Two were key countries such as Britain and Germany itself who were both large factors. The next main cause of World War Two were the events that took place in the interwar years such as the Treaty of Versailles. The final significant cause of World War Two is the ideology that Hitler invoked and ideas that were already there such as nationalism. Hitler was not the only cause of World War Two as there were many other causes that also impacted on the outcome such as the actions of others, events and ideas. Without the actions and contributions of other people World War Two may not of taken place and therefore Hitler cannot be held accountable for being solely responsible. Hitler was responsible for many provocative actions but other people’s actions or lack thereof were also significant contributors to World War Two, such as Britain’s reaction to Hitler’s actions. An example of this is Britain signing the appeasement agreement, which meant that Britain would follow the policy of giving Germany what they wanted for three years. This changed the... ... middle of paper ... ...2nd. ed.) Hodder Education. London. This handout from the GCSE Modern World History examines the different events that took place prior to World War Two. Walsh’s work focuses on most of the known facts about events that took place in the lead up to World War Two. It looks over the different events that took place from Hitler first action that affected other countries, rearmament. It has many useful facts about the different events and about who was involved with what. This source is also very useful because it provides many useful and relevant quotations. This source is limited however by the fact that it doesn’t have anything on before rearmament for example The Munich Putsch. This handout was very useful for my research because it was directly related to the actions that Hitler and other places took and helped me to decide if Hitler’s actions were the main cause.

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