Hitler and Nazi Germany

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What do you do when your homeland as you know it has been taken over by killers and you have nowhere to go and nobody to help you? This question could never have a correct answer. You could talk all you want, but when it comes down to it and it is you versus a whole army, there’s really nothing you can single handedly do to prevent an entire army from doing whatever they choose. While many Jews suffered from this problem, asking themselves this question every day, other nations sat comfortable and stayed out of it as much as possible. When you are a ruler and a creator of a mass genocide, it’s pretty easy to achieve your goals when no other nations are jumping in and telling you to stop. Hitler took advantage of this opportunity and created one of the worst genocides in history. Hitler and his Nazi party continued to test the waters with the rest of the world to see how far he could go until the other nations would react. Little to no action made by opposing nations drove Hitler and the Nazi party to the complete dehumanization of Jews and others with no opposing response by the rest of the world until the damage was done and a terrible mark on history was made.

During World War Two, Hitler and the Nazi party planned out a systematic killing of any person who was different, mostly the whole Jewish race. After World War One, Germany was left weak, paying back the Allies for the war reparation. Hitler got the weak and desperate German people on his side and gained power. He blamed the Jewish people for everything going wrong in Germany. Getting Germany on their side and putting all the blame on the Jews, lead Hitler and the Nazi party to the starting of the Holocaust.

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