Hitler Youth Camps In The German Boys

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In 1933, Hitler constructed camps for young German Boys. They taught German boys from the age of ten to eighteen. A powerful speaker, Adolf Hitler showed the boys his ways of thinking at Hitler Youth. The camps made the boys obedient, hopeful, and disciplined. Hitler named the main where Hitler Youth and the other was called German Young People. Both camps were organised by Adolf Hitler himself. At Hitler Youth, the boys were trained how to complete various tasks that would prepare them for war. After the training, the boys continued on to the Nazi Party and this made a huge impact on the war. At Hitler Youth, the boys were taught the ways of Hitler by being gallant and disciplined. Of course, Hitler’s camps were organized with a plan.…show more content…
After the boys became eighteen at Hitler Youth, they proceeded to follow Hitler’s ways and join the Nazi Party. Most boys decided to continue to the Nazi Party when they turned eighteen. If they did not join the Nazi Party, they were considered some of the most valuable Hitler Youth members. The most valuable members would stay at Hitler Youth and graduate after everybody else. Because of Hitler Youth, millions joined the Nazi Army. About 5.5 million Nazis were graduates from the Hitler Youth camps. This resulted in a better chance of Germany winning World War II because they had a more substantial army. About ninety percent of the German boys went to Hitler Youth, for they went to war when they Graduated from Hitler Youth. Because the boys went through Hitler Youth, the new Nazi Party members were more experienced and ready for war. The boys now knew what it was going to be like in a battle because they did drills preparing for war conditions while they were in Hitler Youth. They also put the youngest boys in the front row so they could keep the more valuable men for the later rows. At Hitler Youth, the boys were showed how to shoot guns such as pistols, machine guns, and rocket launchers. This helps because they did not have to be showed how to shoot when they are in the military, they were trained before. As a result of Hitler youth, the German military could use different tactics in war. The

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