Hitler Coming Into Power

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Hitler Coming Into Power

Hitler and his Nazi party gained power in 1933 by exploiting many of

the weaknesses in Germany, utilising their methods and organisation


Conditions in Germany in 1919-24 played a large part in the emergence

of the Nazi's. After WW1, the Versailles Treaty was made, which was a

huge blow for Germany as they were crippled with reparations and the

'stab in the back theory'. German soldiers felt the 'November

Criminals' who signed the Treaty had betrayed them. Hitler exploited

such problems by acting as a saviour. He said he would return Germany

to a powerful nation. There was also unrest in Munich at the time, and

with such incidents as the Munich Putsch involving the Nazi Party and

Hitler, people found out about the Nazi's. With Freikorps and Marxists

fighting each other, extreme conditions became a breeding ground for

extremist and violent politics, hence the emergence of the Nazi party.

Hitler also realised that democracy was failing and locked into this

by creating a preference of order over freedom policy, he made it

clear that Germany needed a leader, a dictator. One of Hitler's other

objectives was to overturn the Versailles Treaty. He made this no

secret, and the German people were attracted to this aim. With this

Hitler managed to say that Marxists and Jews were a threat, that they

were the criminals who signed the Treaty. People were convinced and

manipulated to believe this, and so gave one of Hitler's aims more

support, which was getting rid of Jews, Marxists and Communists.

Hitler made his policies appealing to people especially through his

speeches, which were charismatic, and inspiring. He could easily

exploit emotions with his speeches; this helped the party gain


The Nazi's success partly stemmed from their organisational structure

and methods. The party developed according to local circumstances.

Much effort was also put into training speakers, which leads onto the

use of propaganda. Hitler was a brilliant public speaker, he could

easily manipulate the crowd. The Nazi's gained many members through
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