Hitler Charisma Essay

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This essay agrees to a certain extent that Hitler’s Charisma certainly contributed to the aspects that aided him into mounting to power; however, there were other features that also assisted Hitler. For instance, Hitler’s main understanding of the people i.e. the promises he made to the Germans, the fall of the Weimar republic, the great depression, and the treaty of Versailles that heavily obstructed Germany as a whole. Hitler’s charisma may have helped him become the chancellor but it was also with the help of the great propagandas set by Paul Joseph Goebbels. This essay will further discuss the elements that facilitated with Hitler’s success in Germany, and the way that his charisma helped him obtain certain aspects of his success.
One of the characteristics of being a prominent leader was to have charisma and Hitler was very charismatic. In order for one to be charismatic, a deep understanding of people is needed. Hitler shared a common understanding with the people of Germany through their shared hatred of the treaty of Versailles .Hitler had promised the Germans that he would do all in his power to help them. From the military all the way to the industrialists, he guaranteed an answer for everybody. He promised to reconstruct the army, to develop the businesses and to offer a job to everyone. Hitler made promises about bringing Germany to its former glory so that they would have hope, which was vital in order for Germany to recover, but it could not have been done without charisma that only Hitler as a politician had. Through Hitler’s numerous speeches, he had influenced people into approving of his ideology of post war Germany. During that time, the Germans looked up to Hitler as his promises and charisma transformed him f...

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...y seen in his renowned book, the Mein kampf. He explained his strategy as to how to come to power and had effectively done so. He had won the people through the promises he had made and the dedication he had showed to fulfilling it. He had a huge amount of help through his propaganda as seen in the Olympics of 1933. He had also to an extent maintained control within the country through his effective uses of storm troopers and his loyal supporters as his financial aid. He could relate to the people through their shared hatred of the Versailles treaty. He had used all of his sources effectively. The causes that took place through time had given him several big advantages and as seen in the great depression and the death of Hindenburg. His charisma did play a vital role to his success but without all of the events that took place, would he have really come to power?
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