Hitler - A Method to His Madness

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Hitler - A Method to His Madness

The Holocaust found its origins in Hitler's deep rooted hatred of the Jewish Society. This quote from Hitler's diary is an example of his feelings toward Jews...

"The Jew has never founded any civilization, though he has destroyed hundreds. He must spread as a disease spreads. Already he has destroyed Russia; now it is the turn of Germany and, with his envious instinct for destruction he seeks to disintegrate the national spirit of the Germans and to pollute their blood." 1

Hitler believed that there was one race with a "natural advantage"2 over the others, and this race was the Aryans. He drew many of his Nazi ideas from Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche was a German philosopher of the late 19th century who questioned traditional morality. Nietzsche and Hitler thought that Western society was decaying. They also felt that Christianity was weakening the the influence humanity's free will. In addition, they believed that passion and emotion were obstacles to obtaining rational thinking. These radical ideas led to a call for a super-race by using selective breeding to achieve ethnic cleansing. This plan of selective breeding included extermination. With Hitler's perverted mind and his execution of his ideals of superiority, nothing less than the Holocaust could have been expected.

To achieve racial extermination, Hitler put the ideas of Nietzsche into motion. He saw the Aryans as a race above all others. Since blond hair and blue eyes were seen as superior, it was the duty of the Aryans to "enslave the lesser races-- such as the Slavs so that it could continue to push forward the boundaries of human achievement".3

Hitler began his work with the Nuremberg race laws of 1935. These laws...

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