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“When thus, for the first time I recognized the Jew as the cold-hearted, shameless, and calculating director of this revolting vice traffic in the scum of the big city.” (Hitler) These were the words of Adolf Hitler, leader of Nazi Germany during World War II. He strongly despised the Jewish culture, and he believed that they needed to be exterminated in order to protect his “Fatherland.” (Hitler) His strong hatred began the second World War, and it also lead to the deaths of over six million Jewish people. The question that many are asking after the fact is why he did what he did. What caused his intense hatred? Why was he so successful in his endeavor, despite the obvious violation of humanitarian laws? These questions have plagued many for years. Hitler’s regime, the Third Reich, was completely willing to follow his every word, no matter the moral repercussions. It is believed by some that this came about due to a strong anti-semitism (hate of the Jewish race) that was felt throughout Austria-Germany following World War I. Adolf Hitler, the sadistic leader of Nazi Germany and the Axis forces during World War II, had a powerful hatred of Jews that stemmed from his childhood, World War I, and German views of the time. Adolf Hitler’s childhood lacked the idealistic fantasy that usually defines the average child. He had tragedy following him throughout his early years, and most of his tragedy hit him at home. He had two siblings die of diphtheria, and a third died at birth. (Hitler) This was shortly followed by the death of both his father and his mother, who died within two years of each other. Adolf was orphaned, and his academic and financial future were left up in the air. His father wish for Hitler to be... ... middle of paper ... ...hildhood did nothing to help him cope with his hatred. He allowed his hatred to destroy him and millions of people. This was his great downfall, and he lost sight of who he was. At the end of his life, Hitler would’ve considered himself successful. He had single handedly eliminated six million of what he thought were the worst men and women in existance, and he forced the remaining Jews into hiding throughout the world. He instilled a type of fear, dread, into the hearts of the Jewish people and had successfully showed that the German nation should be feared. He did what he could in order to try and insure transcendence for the coming Germans, and he did his best to protect the German blood. But in the end, Hitler was one of the most sadistic, malevolent people to ever live, and he used his outstanding gifts for the worst kind of evil, discriminatory killing.

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