History of Women´s Rights

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Women have had to fight all their lives to have equal rights. As a woman I find it very interesting on how the women have fought to be equal. We have gone from being completely right less, to having some rights, to finally gaining all rights. This shows that with hard work and dedication you can succeed at anything.
Women had little to no rights in the nineteenth century. A woman was frowned upon when she chose to get a divorce she was not allowed custody of her children after a divorce because she was thought not to be able to care for them. A woman wasn’t allowed control of her own wages if married, and wasn’t allowed choice over any property that she owned.
Abigail Adams was one of the first high powered women who fought for equality. She told her husband, John Addams, president at time, to remember the ladies when he was preparing for a discussion with congress. He took this as a laughing matter and didn’t even bring up the topic with them. We later found out that many women agreed with Abigail and even some men did. They thought that women were educated and literate so why not trust them to. Women had to obey the laws that the men did and thought that they should be given the right to vote to.
Sarah and Angelina Grimke were all for the equal rights. Sarah and her husband wrote a book called,”American Slavery as It Is”. They were abolitionists who wrote the book to convert as many readers. They thought that every man and woman was created equal and should be treated equally. Ministers sneered at the couple for daring to speak to a mixed audience of men and women. They thought that such work was only for men.
Theodore, Sarah’s husband, said that, “men and women were created equal, if it were moral and right for a man to ...

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... 19th amendment.
Susan didn’t live long enough to see the nineteenth amendment become ratified, but many people are grateful for her hard work on getting equal right for women. Many states were weary to pass the law and even when they did women weren’t equal. But with one phase being over, women now had to worry about their measure of power n local and political offices. The women were harassed regularly, didn’t get as many jobs, and were even paid less. Many women tried to stop this but were told that they had to put up with it because they were in a “mans worlds”.
Till this day in the twentieth century many women are not treated equally but now we can fight against it. Women did everything that they could to get equal rights. We now have all rights instead of no or little rights. I thank all women who had the guts and who made sacrifices to make us equal.
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