History of Video Game Consoles

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Video games have revolutionized the way we play games. The coming of age in the now famous Silicone Valley, random dots, smarter terminals, cycle time, and lower cost, has made many people millions of dollars. It all started from other games, such as arcade games and board games. From one computer, to the technology of video game consoles, many companies have thrived in the gaming industry, while others have failed. Magnavox, Atari, Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation, and X-box are some of the successes and failures. This is the history of such gaming consoles that have brought bankruptcy and billions in revenue. First was the Magnavox Odyssey. It was the first home computer that had games you could play on your television.” Ralph Baer, from German, first suggested home video games to his boss back in 1951 (Klooster).” But he was laughed at. “History of video gaming starts in 1972 with the birth of the Magnavox Odyssey” (Klooster). It was the first game system that was available for the consumer market. With the high cost of hardware and the improvement of technology, this company’s home computer system did not survive past the 1970’s. Atari was also a pioneer in gaming. Second was Atari. Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, said “I came up with the idea at the University of Utah. People were playing games on multiple video screens. Computer systems were easier to in information for the formation of video games (YouTube Interview 2011).” “Atari is a Japanese word for ‘game of go.’ The first computer game available was Flying Saucer and Rocket Ship (A History of Video Game Consoles-Time)". Nolan’s defining moment was when he realized that video games were generating enough revenue that everyone was buying cars. He said, “The early 70’s was ... ... middle of paper ... ...10/14/2011, interview by Evgeny Z, YouTube A History of Video Game Consoles-Time, Atari is a Japanese word for ‘game of go.’ The first computer game available was Flying Saucer and Rocket Ship, when it was released; it became the best-selling console in video game history,2029221,00.html. Web Nintendo-Corporate Information /Company History, originally a Japanese playing card, When it was released, it became the best-selling console in video game history company, Web History of Sega Genesis-Dawn of the 16-bit Era, It was the very first 16-bit console system,…/console and handheldgames/…/History of Sega. Web History of the Sony PlayStation—kick starting the Disc Revolution, classic…/consoleand handheldgames/…/History of the Sony PlayStation. Web
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