History of Telecommunications

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History of Telecommunications *Works Cited Not Included There were numerous people and inventions that helped shaped the modern path of telecommunications. It is because of these important people and inventions that have made telecommunications into what it is now. Telecommunications technology has gone through many changes within the last one hundred to two hundred years. Many inventions such as the telephone, telegraph, and teletypewriter, have all had a profound impact on telecommunications. The telephone definitely is one of the most important inventions in telecommunications history. This device revolutionized the world of telecommunications, and was invented by a man named Alexander Graham Bell. Alexander Graham Bell and his telephone changed the world of telecommunications. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, with the help of his assistant, Thomas Watson. His invention was then called a "harmonic telegraph", but would later be known as the telephone. Bell then filed a patent application about three hours before a woman named Elisha Gray, whom incidentally had a similar device to that of Alexander Graham Bell. A long legal battle would later ensue, and it was Bell's patent that was upheld by United States Supreme Court. Alexander Graham Bell first saw the telephone as a form of free communication, but would later it as a means to make money. The telephone would later have a tremendous impact on the world. Bell held many public displays for his new invention. Bell also displayed his telephone at the Philadelphia Exposition in 1876. By that time, Bell's telephone became commercialized and he was making a substantial amount of money. One interesting sidenote is that Samu... ... middle of paper ... ...petition in the phone industry. The power shifted back and forth, between AT&T and the independent phone companies. J.P. Morgan bought out many of his competitors, and this caused the independent movement to eventually die out. AT&T would once again become a monopoly. But Alexander Graham Bell's service would soon be needed again. AT&T brought him out of his retreat, and he was needed to help wire the two coasts. He would come out of his retreat, and successfully help wire the two coasts. Long distance calling eventually materialized from this, once again changing the telephone industry. Bell then turned his attention away from the telephone and worked on other things that were more important to him at that time. Alexander Graham Bell's telephone not only became one of the most important inventions in the telecommunications industry, but also in the world.

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