History of Spanking

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Since the birth of the nation Americans have wrestled about the topic of spanking children for discipline. We waver back and forth for a while it is okay and expected that we will discipline the children by using corporal punishment. Then everything changes and for years it is no longer acceptable. It has been the subject of many heated debates and will continue to do so as long as we have parents and as long as they raise children. In the long run we will find out if spanking turned out to be an asset or a liability but for the immediate future it is something America needs to go back to using for guidance purposes. We are seeing more violence in teenagers than ever before, the juvenile crime rate seems to be rising and for the last two decades or so spanking has been largely out of favor in many circles. It seems the longer we go without using spanking as a method of discipline the more violent our teens are becoming. Spanking when used as a form of discipline and not abuse is an effective tool.

Many Americans who are over the age of 30 remember being spanked as a child. Swats on the rear end as a form of discipline was used for everything from lying to talking to one’s parents with disrespect (Matrz, 2001). The number of swats and severity of the swats was usually directly tied to the seriousness of the offense. Following the era of free love and the me generation during the 1960’s and 1970’s Americans began to take a second look at the use of spanking for punishment and turned away from it. However, official’s courts around the nation have ruled over and over again that spanking is indeed an acceptable form of discipline (Matrz, 2001).

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