History of Music

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Music has been around for many thousands of years, and it is found in every known culture, modern and old. There are many genres of music, greatly varying from times and places. It is believed that music may have started in Africa about 50,000 years ago, and that from there it has evolved to become a fundamental constituent of the human life. Music is used to express ideas, opinions, and feelings and just about anything that an individual would like to express. There are many things that influence music; some of these things are culture, economy, personal experiences, feelings, climate, crime and many others. Music is created by people called composers; these composers vary between periods in time and regions. Music has a very long history since it’s been around for so long.
Each culture has created their own style of music. Researchers have found that music from different cultures mimic the culture’s language in the aspect of the pitch changes most 0ften used in the music. The music style in each culture is affected by society and what the cultures believe in. Music is an important part of an individual’s way of life for many people in different cultures.
Music is created by about any sound and rhythms from anywhere around the world. The word music derives from the Greek word ‘mousike’, meaning art of the muses. The significance of music and definition of music varies according to the culture and the social beliefs. Music is categorized by genres and subgenres, there a many genres and subgenres in the world. About any sound can be music, according to 20th century composer, John Cage. Music is liked and pleasant to listen to for almost any person, it is a way to express feelings, opinions and ideas.
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