History of Indian Immigration and Discrimination in America

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Immigration is a movement about settlement of people into another country to which they are not natives. As of the current time, the United States has made itself a new home for immigrants in search of a better life, religious freedom and opportunities. It embraces those who come to the USA often with nothing more than their work ethic in search of the promises and opportunities of the American Dream. Over the last decade, the Indian immigration population had been skyrocketing and approximately 3.6 million in the USA. Asian Indians are the second largest community in the USA after Chinese Americans. Asian Indians started to form their own communities and expanded their religions which make them distinguish among the others immigrants. Asian Indians immigrants come to the USA because they want a better life and better education, but not for the religious freedom. Asian Indians immigrated to the USA for business purposes in the 19th century; they were allowed to stay here as a result of changes in immigration laws. With increase in Indian immigrants, Hinduism and Sikhism were expanded in the USA even after an increase in discrimination after 9/11. Asian Indians have found immigration to the America desirable for a long time, but after 1965, new immigration laws made the process easier, resulting in a more diverse religious presence.
A few Indian traders came to the USA in the 1880s for business purposes and traded in goods from India such as silk, spices. Indians witnessed potential interest in their cultures and philosophy from Americans in the USA. Walt Whitman wrote the poem Passage to India in 1868 which also helped Americans get a closer look at India. According to him, the number of people in Boston who were interested in In...

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