History and Purpose of the US Constitution

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When the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution in 1787, the United States just had 13 states. The Founding Fathers believed that more states would want to join the Union in the future. They saw that it would be significant for new states to have the same form of government as the original states had. Since then there are now over 50 states that have similar characteristics which were developed centuries ago; although, resembling the creation of new ideas and inventions, current state government had many problems from being the way it is today, it also has many important features that benefit many people, as well as plays an important role in how American democracy and government works. The 13 original states were individual colonies before independence in 1777, they adopted a federalist system and for 13 years they were independent units under the Articles of Confederation. Under Article II of the Articles of Confederation, “each state retains its sovereignty, freedom and independence, and every Power, jurisdiction and right…” (Lowi, 2007, pg. 22). As a direct result the states had retained too much power relative to the national government, a problem which led to the Constitutional Convention in 1787. This convention placed major limitations on state authority. Under Article IV the Constitution, federal laws, and other treaties between U.S. and other countries make up the supreme law of the country. As a result outcome the framers of the Constitution feared that the states would not serve a strong role in federalist government. One way in which the framers sought to preserve a strong role was through the Tenth Amendment (Lowi, 2007, pg. 22). Under the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, all powers not granted to the... ... middle of paper ... ...rnment exceptional. Since states have fewer people than the country, citizens have more personal contact with their state government. Citizens have a responsibility to obey the laws; pay their state taxes, vote and the state is responsible to protect its people, provide services, and provide justice. The purpose of the constitution is to organize the government of the United States of American. Without it the framework of the national and state government would not work. The development of a federalist system in the late 1700’s gave a division between the national and state government. Today the historical developments of this system are the key to everyday domestic programs and a key to a structure that is organized and just. It might have its advantages and disadvantages but it is why America is different than other nations and why we are unique and different.
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