History and Methods of What Is Teaching

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There are many resources one can come across to be informed on the history of education and many different methods that will help teachers with their planning and their strategies during their teaching time. School and Society: Historical Contemporary Perspectives gives us information from different scholars who focused on methods, and wanted to change things within the school systems. Experience & Education also brings information about parts and history, and events about school and the program. Teachers as Cultural Worker: Letters to Those Who Dare Teach gives more into this, here Freire puts in writing everything he believes a teacher needs in attitude, methods, strategies, perspectives, etc. to be a great teacher. As well as other readings that bring ideas, and methods as well as some history to what teaching is and has been for some years now.
Schooling is important, but that’s not the only thing we receive that may teach us something. School involves courses and programs of study, there are also extracurricular activities, as well as teaching and learning (Steve Tozer 7). School is better of focused on education rather than on schooling, teaching can happen in many different ways, just like learning can as well.
Training on the other hand is based on being able to complete a task that the trainer wants in a certain amount of time. Training does not necessarily mean one will learn information, but instead one will be able to make a certain action based one the goal that the trainer created (Steve Tozer).
Education has some similarity to training, but the difference between them is the fact that education is a spiritual and intellectual process, it is based on finding the interest and helping that individual depending on h...

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...ion into something others will connect and agree with, because they now understand them. Or they might just change their opinion themselves and decide to go to the other side of the discussion.
Being able to take different sides of a discussion and getting a clear concept allows them to have a more open mind to different things. And this heads to Cultural Difference Theory, how educators have noticed a difference in a student’s being evaluated in a school of their own culture compare to being evaluated in a school of a different culture, how the evaluation results in a mismatch end (Steve Tozer 406). these students are unfamiliar with the setting and uncomfortable, and it is the students who have learned to observe and decide and accept difference that will make a change and make the student from a different culture feel more welcome and a little more comfortable.