History and Functions of Soundcards

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The sound map - history and ranges of application the ranges of application of a sound map extended in the last years strongly. Begun of simple beep tones, there are nowadays already the errors and such publications sound maps with a Subwoofer connection, even complete Sourround systems. Today the sound maps are used mainly for music hearing, in addition, in the play world the sound finds ever more trailer. When the first PC came on the market, was not to be thought of digital music from the computer yet at all. Only which a computer could do at that time at tones producing was bleepers and other monotonous, always same tones. Another aspect was that that there was little reason for a sound, since no applications were present, which could use these. The only tones were the so-called "Beeps", which a computer gave from itself whenever it had problems with any little thing. This "Beeps" gives it also today still, but these announce themselves only, if the computer receives and/or discovers a fatal error with the boat procedure. The Macintosh computer was one first, with which one could play high-quality sounds. This "sound map" was integrated with this computer in the hardware and software. An open architecture in the PC made it possible however to extend this and to thus develop and/or adapt new audio hardware for the PC platform. Although there was still no universal Multimedia standard at that time concerning the necessary hardware and software gave, a De-facto-standard could form despite everything. Today the sound map is often already present on the chip set of the Main board and offers a good Stereo sound. With sound maps the sound hardware sits in form of an audio adapter on the chip. By the adapter the connections are available for headphones/loudspeakers, microphone and "audio in". Around the sound however to play to be able a driver is necessary, which is mostly provided with the operating system. Often also some programs offer a driver, in order to be able to play the sound for application. The sound maps at first mostly found in plays their place of work. Many manufacturers manufactured sound maps, and there it at this time still no sound standard gave, would have had to insert the user for each play another sound map. In addition, at this time MIDI interface (musical instrument digitally interfaces) appeared.

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