History and Discussion of Marijuana

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A native of Central Asia, cannabis may have been cultivated as much as 10,000 years ago. It was definitely cultivated in China by 2900 B.C. and has long been used as a medicine in India, China, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa, and South America (Grinspoon). Another thing is that cannabis is the actual term but many know it today as marijuana and there are many other names that it could be called. Marijuana has been used by doctors for many years to treat some conditions, just recently has it became legal in some states to be used medically and recreationally– There are both pros and cons to these uses of marijuana.

The first known use of marijuana medically was by a Chinese emperor in 2900 B.C. This Chinese emperor was known as Fu Hsi. He believed that marijuana contained the elements of both yin and yang and for those who aren’t familiar with yin and yang, yin represents the weak, passive, and negative female influence on nature. While yang represents the strong, active, and positive male force. When yin and yang are together the body is balanced out and is healthy and in harmony, where as if you are missing either yin or yang then your body may be weak, ill, and out of balance. Ma, the Chinese name for cannabis, was used to treat absences of yin, such as: female weaknesses (menstruation), gout, rheumatism, malaria, beri-beri, constipation, and absentmindedness (Abel, 1980). Skipping ahead many years to Feb. 19, 1925 the first year that cannabis was restricted to scientific and medical use only. Researchers believed that recreational use of cannabis was bad for individuals and caused negative side effects on people. Now in almost present day august 31,2013 Illinois became the 20th state to legalize medical mari...

... middle of paper ... The THC in the cannabis is really the main negative on using it medically.

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