History Overcomes Itself: An Examples Of History Repeats Itself

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History Repeats Itself As Edmund Burke once said, “ Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” I could not agree more with this quote. I believe that if we do not learn from the events of the past, we will do it again. We must learn from our ancestors’ mistakes and apply them to today, because if we do not, we as a people are destined to repeat them. Take Rome for example and compare it to the United States. Rome was a dominant global power same as the United States. The Romans again like the United States, was the global police and their military forces were spread too thin and eventually they were marauded by little forces. Similar to the terrorist cells that attack our country today. Inflation also set into the Roman Empire and their currency became worth less and less. The same thing is happening to the American dollar…show more content…
Take the cost of gas for example. This current average cost of gas per gallon is $2.22. Back in 1980, the average price for a gallon of gas was $1.19. This is due to the decrease of the value of the American dollar. You still get the same amount of product, you just have to unfortunately pay a little more. Another example of history repeating itself, is comparing Napoleon’s invasion of Russia, and Hitler’s invasion of Russia. When Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812, He drove his forces consisting of 680,000 soldiers quickly across Western Russia. The Russians executed a slash and burn policy, where they burned everything as they retreated leaving behind little to no resources for the French to continue their campaign. When France did knock on the doors of Moscow, the city had been evacuated. Napoleon had conquered a major Russian city, but not the Capital. At the time of the French invasion, the capital of Russia was St. Petersburg. One ally that Russia always has, is good ole Mother Nature and her downright bitterness we call winter. Once that French had gone into Moscow, they could not muster up enough

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