History Of The Taliban

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The fight against the Taliban has been raging for thousands for years, although the end may be near. When most Americans hear of the Taliban the first thing that comes to mind is that they are the terrorist organization that is responsible for flying the airplanes into the world trade center buildings. And this would be a correct assessment. However, my goal for this paper is to describe the history of the Taliban, the organizational structure of the Taliban, the beliefs of the Taliban, and how the Taliban organization is doing today. The history of the Taliban can be traced to the soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. The Taliban emerged as one of the many resistance groups that formed to fight Soviet forces and try to remove soviet forces from Afghanistan. One ironic thing that many people don’t know about is that the Taliban at one time received military aid and training from the United States who was also helping behind the scenes to remove the soviets from Afghanistan. These efforts were successful and it is reported that the Soviets lost 15,000 troops in the takeover of Afghanistan. Eventually, the soviets could no longer continue the fight and ended up withdrawing from Afghanistan in 1989. The Taliban came out of the fighting as a very powerful faction. A neighboring country, Pakistan, has strong religious and ethnic bonds with the Taliban and gave them much support following the soviet withdrawal. In 1994 Pakistan chose the Taliban to guard convoys to open a trade route from Pakistan to Central Asia. Pakistan provided them with weapons, military training, and lots of financial support. The Taliban gained more and more power with this support and eventually gained control over numerous Aghanistan cities. In S... ... middle of paper ... ...ern part of Afghanistan and against the US forces. The Taliban today enjoys continued, if declining support. It appears that many Afghanistan civilians do not trust the national government any more than they trusted the Taliban when they were in control. Since the overthrow of the Taliban, many human rights have been restored in the country. Women are now even allowed to go to school and get an education. However, corruption within the government has eroded public favor towards the government and always leaves the door open for the Taliban gain followers and retake control. Government control is now done through elections and it is doubtful that the Taliban would ever retake control through that channel. The only way the Taliban could retake control now is through force and after years of war with the united states they are not the threat that they once were.

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