History Of The New Holland Company

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1895 was the first year the New Holland name came about, and who could possibly think that about 120 years later, the New Holland Company would be one of the biggest agricultural industries in the world? Many changes have contributed to placing this massive company where they are today, but all the hard work has paid off for the New Holland corporation. New Holland tractors have undergone many changes to make them as advanced as they are today, making them one of the leading agricultural businesses in the world. The New Holland Company was born in October 1895 by a man named Abe Zimmerman. Zimmerman was a mechanical genius and decided to put his knowledge to use when he purchased a brick building to begin a modest repair shop in the small town of New Holland, Pennsylvania. The small business immediately thrived and quickly expanded. The company mainly concentrated on equipment and parts, not tractors. By the turn of the century, feed and cob mills were added to the corporation. Zimmerman made a huge decision to leave the company in 1914, but New Holland continued to prosper. The company was on the brink of bankruptcy, caused by the Great Depression, but in the 1940s New Holland began to flourish again with improved equipment, an inspired new management team, and a healthy financial status. The New Holland Company took a gamble and decided to create a new baler with new, unique features such as a compression chamber. This holds the bale under compression while the knotter ties a knot with twine. In 1947, the New Holland Company changed its name to Sperry New Holland, due to a takeover by the Sperry Rand Corporation. Sperry New Holland introduced many hay harvesting implements and also a breakthrough in crop harvesting. The crop... ... middle of paper ... ...benefit to the company. It sure wasn’t an easy road to become what the New Holland Company is today, but they have many happy customers that are glad they never gave up or backed down to the competition. There are still many changes to come for the company and I believe that the advancements will be a convenience to the New Holland Company. The tractor is a tool with which the farmer earns his living and it must be ready to perform the day or week when the crops are ready and the ground is fit to cultivate. It must not be built to perform as a racehorse producing great power for short periods of time, it must deliver 100 percent of its power for very long periods in hot, dry, dusty, and cold conditions. It must be designed to be within the capability of its production team with tolerances that they can produce every minute the machines are working (Foxwell, 1).
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