History Of The Mona Lisa

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Since its creation it has been one of the most controversial pieces of artrvork in the world, adding to its mystery and fame (or lack therçof), making it out to be one of the most famous and well known paintings in modem history. Millions of people visit it from thousands upon thousands of miles away just to get a picture next to it. I am of course talking about the Mona Lisa. There is one question, though, that many people think and wonder; why is the Mona Lisa so famous? The Mona Lisa is an oil painting created between around 1505 to 1510 A.D. Which was created and painted by the now world renowned artist Leonardo DAVinci. It is a painting that is only 2.5x1.75ft and that is kept in a small glass box in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France where it has resided since 1797. Although this painting and its artist have made it to be incredibly famous, it wasn't until the 1800's. Its fame all started with an essay written by a man by the name of Walter Pater in 1867 which detailed and outlined the magnificence of the painting in words. After this essay got out and was published many people, including kings, traveled far to get a glimpse of this painting. It was frst owned, after DAVinci's death, by his parhrer and assistant Sala. From Sala it was sold to the King of France who kept it at the Palace of Fontainebleau which is where it resided until King Louis XIV moved it to ttre Palace of Versailles and after the French revolution it was moved to the Louvre, it also spent a small amount of time in the personal bedroom of Napoleon. Despite all this moving around from one kings palace to the next kings palace the painting became famous from a much different outlet: theft and vandalism. The painting's fame peaked from one reason and one rea... ... middle of paper ... ... However, there is speculation that the portrait could be of Leonardo's mother or maybe it could even be a self portrait. Many people have tried to trace down and find the evidence leading to the possibility of this work of art having a different subject but nothing substantial has ever been found. None can be sure who the person in the painting is but that all ads to the mystery that enthralls people to the Mona Lisa. All in all and with everything considered this small piece of artwork has held its spot on the list of the most interesting and definitely most widely viewed pieces of an in history. The Mona Lisa is a piece that will never be forgotten due to the strangeness of it and its remarkable past; from thievery to vandalism, from run down apartments to palaces, this painting has seen it all and that is why it is one of the worlds most famous pieces of artwork.

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  • Opines that the mona lisa is one of the most controversial pieces of artrvork in the world. millions of people visit it from thousands upon thousands of miles just to get a picture next to it.
  • Describes the mona lisa as an oil painting created between 1505 to 1510 a.d. and painted by leonardo davinci.
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