History Of The Golden Gate Bridge

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On January 5, 1933, the construction of one of California's most impressive architectural achievements began. Over the next four years, the State of California built the golden gate bridge, which stands high in the San Francisco Bay. The bridge painted “international orange” contrasts with the deep blue of the sea. Today, the golden gate bridge stands as a symbol of freedom for many people seeking a new home in California. It has a rich past filled with many fascinating facts. In 1933 men from all over came to San Francisco to create this now well-known piece of architecture. The first step in constructing the golden gate bridge was designing it. The original design was envisioned as a symmetrical cantilever-suspension hybrid span by one of the chief directors, Joseph Strauss. But he and other engineers decided on a suspension bridge, which when completed in 1937, was 1.7 miles long and had a 4,200-foot long span. The final design was made by the engineer of the Manhattan bridge, Leon Moisseiff. It was engineered to withstand earthquakes because of the major San Francisco earthquake of 1906. During and after the construction, the bridge experienced minor and major earthquakes. The roadway structure is not designed to resist the wind and seismic forces, but instead, the forces are carried by the cables to the towers. Strauss succeeded in giving himself the most credit for building the Golden Gate Bridge in the 1930 and 1940. However, in 2007, other teammates were recognized for helping build the Golden Gate Bridge. The complicated engineering Is only part of why the Golden Gate Bridge is so amazing. Like most big projects, the golden gate bridge was expensive to build. One original cost estimate for construction was approxim... ... middle of paper ... ...a bumble bee (or yellow and black). In 1937 the bridge weighed 894,500 tons but currently, it only weighs 887,000 tons because of redecking in 1980. The Golden Gate Bridge also has appeared in many movies and the occasional TV series. It has been a spectacular visual feature for almost a century. Since 1937 the golden gate has been through a lot. On May 18th in 1937, we celebrated the opening of the Golden Gate bridge for a whole week. Every day in 1937-1938, 17,339 cars crossed the Golden Gate and today 112,000 vehicles cross the bridge daily. Traffic has only been interrupted briefly as a safety precaution after the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989. Our bridge has been through some pretty tough times and earned a grand title. as of April 2012, everybody who worked on the Golden Gate has passed away. Now the bridge moves into the future to serve future generations.

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