History Of The German Shepherd

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Max vom Stephanitz, founder of the German Shepherd breed said it best, “Utility is the true criterion of beauty.” The German Shepherd is a dying breed, not because it is losing popularity, but because it is drifting too far from it’s origin. Initially the breed was supposed to be versatile, confident, smart, courageous, and aloof to strangers. They were sable, grey, and black. They had straight backs, and normal functioning hind limbs. Health problems were nearly extinct. This breed still lives today, but most people’s idea of a German Shepherd is different. There are two seperate genetic “lines” of the German Shepherd today. This line that I am about to describe probably sounds more familiar then the first. The “show-line” is the more popular and well-known line of the Breed. The look majestic, they have a deep red fur with a black saddle and muzzle. The have a sloped back, they are larger, and they have a lot of health problems. Their hind legs look unsupported and they cannot function correctly with such a sloped back. The German Shepherd won’t be the German Shepherd if people don’t learn about the breed. The popular show-line has cause an over-population of show dogs and has crippled the Working-line’s population, the show-lines temperament…show more content…
Capt. Max vom Stephanitz visioned the breed to be strong, athletic, confident, protective, and versatile. Versatility was important to Stephanitz, he wanted the breed to be used for everything. Military, police, companions, service dogs, guard dogs, etc. He knew the breed could do everything their owner put them out to do. He once said “Utility is the true criterion of beauty.” He said this because he predicted the breed would be misinterpreted. He was paranoid of the inevitable. He knew that over time humanity would ruin his perfect breed unknowingly. If Stephanitz was alive today he wouldn’t be because he’d probably shoot himself after he saw what happened to the

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