History Of The Criminal Justice System

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In this essay we will be taking a look into the criminal justice system in England, the components that make it up and also at the different models in which you could apply the process of criminal justice. We shall look at Herbert Packer (1986) and Michael King (1981) in reference to the models. However before we look into the criminal justice process of today, you need to be shown show its origins and how it came about.
During the middle of the eighteenth century up to the mid-twentieth centuries, we began to see the emergence of formal criminal justice system as the one we know today. At the beginning of these periods, there was no formal policing, probation systems or court systems. It wasn’t way until the 1950’s where these were established
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So the main central purpose for the criminal justice system is to deliver justice to both the public and organisations/institutions through convicting and punishing those who are guilty whilst providing protection for those who are innocent, thee process stating the correct way to take on criminals and crime in general. When to make decisions and the correct actions to take against crime and…show more content…
The main goal of this model is to provide a justice process that convicts those who have committed crimes whilst protecting those who are innocent. A suspect could only be found guilty if it has been established through the correct steps and procedures of the process. For example, the procedure to decide whether the accused has committed a crime or not they need to have the opportunity to a fair trial, they do have all of the opportunity to make the most of their legal rights which are used as a legal safeguard to ensure there is no abuse of power or corruption. So in conclusion this model would be aimed towards the suspect’s rights, making this the main priority. Those who are accusing would need to prove beyond all doubt that the suspect is guilty during the fair

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