History Of Subway

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Subway is a well known restaurant, you see them everywhere from strip malls, in some grocery stores and even on school campuses. Many people do not remember or known the amazing journey this restaurant has went on.

Starting in 1965, When 17 year old Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck teamed up to open the first subway originally known as “Pete’s Super Submarines” in Bridgeport, Connecticut. At this time the average cost was 49-69 cents and on the first day the team sold 312 sandwiches. The two where known as the Dream Team, in 1966 they decided to open Doctor’s Association Inc. derived from Dr. Buck and the dream that Fred hoped to pay to get his doctorates degree from the sandwich business. Then in 1968 they decided to use the name Subway renaming
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Four years later they expanded to New York City located in the transit system. A year later the chain got to celebrate is 200th restaurant which was opened in Renton, Washington. Then, in 1982 they celebrated their 300th location. In 1983, they started introducing the Fresh Baked Bread and Subway was ranked number one in their category. A year later they decided that they wanted to begin expansion oversees and the first international subway was opened in Bahrain. 1985 marked the opening of the 500th subway with a shop in Puerto Rico. In addition they added wheat bread and the steak and cheese sub to the menus. Shortly after that they expanded to Canada. Expanding to Hawaii and the Bahamas in 1987 the franchise gets to celebrate 1,000 opened restaurants. In 1988 they got to celebrate two huge successes the first one being opening their 2000th restaurant where they will introduce the cold cut sub and then being named the number one franchise opportunity. It was only 2 years later that they would add 3000 restaurants to their chain. In 1991 they added the kids’ menu option, they would air their first commercial and be featured in a motion picture, “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”. The…show more content…
Fred DeLuca published his book “Start Small, Finish Big” and they make big changes to the menu by adding gourmet sauces and seasoned bread. Subway reaches a milestone by reaching 16,000 locations then months after broke their own record by opening 17,000 in 2002. In this same year they were known for crushing competition, becoming the National Sponsor of American Heart Association’s American Heart Walks and they even underwent a huge chain revamp both interior and exterior by introducing the Tuscan Style we know today. Using the restaurant for good they decided to open in a Church in New York where they would teach job and professional skills to the community two years later. A short year after that they decided to introduce the Hot Oven Toasted option for subs. Being actively involved with the community is continued in 2006 when they sponsored the Little League Baseball World Series in Pennsylvania. Shortly after that they introduced their launched the “Eat Fresh, Live Green”, “Fresh Fit” and “Fresh Fits for Kids”. Opening its 30,000 restaurant in 2008 the business decided to start the marketing promotion “$5 Footlong”. In 2010 the CDO, goes on the new TV Series Undercover Boss and they also introduce the breakfast options. Staying on their Healthy Initiative in 2011 they introduce the avocado to the menu. During this time the franchise has 35,000 restaurants including the
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