History Of Rock And Roll

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BACKGROUND Rock and roll was started in the middle of the twentieth century. It has evolved to much more over the years, and has affected many generations. Rock and roll has affected how artists make their music. The early stages of rock started really fast. The article says, “Rock and roll was still in its early stages in the late 1950s.” (Petersen) It originated in the United States and most of the performers were Americans. It was just starting to gain popularity. There were different styles of music that led to rock and roll. One of them was called skiffle. Skiffle was a style of music that first became popular in the United States in the 1920s. FOCUS POINT 1 Blues started in the southern United States. Blues music was started…show more content…
One of those influences were, “Chicago became the center of a new kind of blues music” (Roberts). This music began to be called “rhythm and blues” because of the beat of the music. FOCUS POINT 2 The Rock Hall is an important part of rock history and is very popular in the rock world. It is known about the Rock Hall that, “Since the Rock Hall opened in 1995, its plaza has sat in stark contrast to the iconic I.M.Pei-designed building on its brim” (Magaw). The rock hall is an informative structure that is respected in today’s society, not only for the history, but for the people themselves that started it. The people of the Rock Hall decided, “Since Greg Harris took over as a CEO in 2013, the Rock Hall has been quietly, plotting how to move beyond what he described as a ‘comfortable flat mode’” (Magaw). It was a change of CEO for the Rock Hall. Those are big changes to the Rock Hall. The Rock Hall, from Cleveland, Ohio, has had many upgrades, in that, “and with $13.3 million worth of upgrades…” (Magaw). With the upgrades, however, “Plus, its finances remain strong…” (Magaw). The Rock Hall has had many upgrades and is still in great financial standing. It is very popular and will continue to have

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