History Of Rock And Roll

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History of Rock ‘n’ Roll
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Rock and Roll was one of the biggest musical, cultural, and social. It was one of the biggest events that has changed the face of music. But this incredible change didn’t happen overnight. While the term was coined in the 1950’s, movements had already been rolling in those directions for a few decades. So many genres and styles contributed to the rise of Rock and Roll and to the different ranges of types that stemmed from it. While there are countless styles and artist that contributed to creating the sound and culture and Rock and Roll there are a few groups that particularly embodied the ideals of Rock and Roll and greatly added to its already rich style.
Rock and Rolls origins have been highly debated. Because of its significant impact on society, people are very involved and interested on its development and its decline into its various subcategories.
Music has always had direct links to the culture and people it emerges from. The styles that predominantly make up the roots of Rock and Roll begin earliest from jazz and most importantly swing in the 1930’s. the time leading up to Rock and Roll coincided with the time leading up to the civil rights movement in the 1960’s. both Rock and Roll as well as the Civil rights movement for African Americans erupted in the 1960’s after many decades of built up tension.
The styles that contributed to Rock and Roll are a combination of White and Black styles of music that were fused and came together as early as the 1930’s.

Of course when anyone thinks about Rock and Roll they think of the man with full slicked backed hair and a white rhinestone jumpsuit. Elvis Aaron Presley was a singer, musician, and ...

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... most original and amazing songs out there. Originally the band felt that their first album was too much pop; there was no meaning in the words. But by the time they released Rubber Records, which they felt was one of their most cohesive and best records, they were at full Beatles swing. It was all them. The band went through quite a genre transition and crossed all kinds of musical styles in the ten years that they were together. They started out as being a skiffle group, they then embraced 50’s rock and roll, folk, country, psychedelic, and yet still popular and unique. It has been said that before this time there had never been a song that could blend so many different styles and components from so many diverse influences could be put together to make something new. At the end, when things were becoming strained in the group, individual tastes began to surface.

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