History Of Peer To Peer Technologies

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Brief Introduction of Peer-to-Peer Technologies
What Is Peer-to-Peer?
The term “peer-to-peer” has various meanings under different circumstances, when mentioned in the context of digital and network settings, especially nowadays with the popularity of Internet usage, this term is often used to describe a type of decentralized and distributed network architecture, in which individual nodes in the network act as both suppliers and consumers of data resources; these nodes, i.e. the “peers”, are actually end-user devices, such as personal computers, PDAs, iPads, and mobile devices with accessibility to Internet,
Initially, when different kinds of end-user devices become common in people’s daily life, they are often connected together through the local area networks to certain central servers to get access to files, videos, audios, and other information. These central servers are typically more powerful than the personal computers, so any large data processing can take place on these central servers, allowing the end-users to download files onto their personal computers.
In contrast to th...
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