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You all use electricity every single day of your lives. Imagine not being able to do the things you can with electricity. Back before a certain man changed the way we use electricity there had to be power stations every mile or so because of the DC system. Then Nikola Tesla came along and changed the world forever with the invention of the AC system. The power could travel much further than DC. Also, DC could not be transformed into high voltages, so many devices wouldn’t be able to be powered with the DC system. Another advantage of AC is that it is much cheaper than DC. Tesla also changed the world in many other ways and inventions, but you’ll have to read on to figure out what else he invented and why they are so important.
Nikola Tesla
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First off, he invented the induction motor, which is a very important part of many modern appliances and appliances back when he invented it. Another thing that Tesla invented is Remote Controls. This invention, like most others of his, is very important.(Geisler) Another important technology that he invented was wireless communications. Tesla also invented the laser, which was a good and bad invention. Once the laser was invented, Tesla started thinking of building a “death ray”, but the good thing about lasers is that we use them for technologies now like infrared systems. If you have ever listened to the radio in car rides, you can thank Tesla for that too. Tesla also “invented” neon lighting. Another one of Tesla’s inventions is the Tesla coil. Lastly, the most important thing that Tesla invented in his lifetime is Alternating Current, or AC. (West) Tesla needed money for funding. He pitched his patents and ideas to a few people. One of them was George Westinghouse, who liked AC because he liked the idea of long distance power, invested in his ideas. Westinghouse then bought some of Tesla’s patents for 60,000$. Now, since Tesla has the funds for the AC system, he can go against Edison and show him that AC really is superior. They made advancements on the AC systems and in the year 1893 at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. It was there that Tesla had presented demonstrations…show more content…
The biggest impact that he has is with the invention he had was the AC(~) system. When AC was not a thing, electricity could not travel very far and there had to be electrical stations pretty much every mile, because the house that was receiving the power had to be with a mile of the plant. So, until AC was a thing houses and towns had to be closer together just to receive electricity. AC made it so that the stations didn’t have to be every mile or so. Another invention that changed the field was the wireless technologies. This didn’t really change the field at the time because really nothing back then was wireless. Once it got later in the century, the wireless technology changed the field because people did not have to take the time to invent wireless technologies themselves. Now, we have a lot of things that we use daily that are wireless. Wi-Fi, some phones now have wireless charging, remotes, Bluetooth are just some of the few important technologies to us that might not be a thing yet if it was not for Nikola Tesla. So, as you can see, Tesla is one of the most influential inventors of his time. He is so influential solely on the fact that he revolutionized the way that they and we use electricity now. There are also more inventions that made him influential including the wireless technologies, using Niagara Falls to harness the power of the water and supply power. He invented radio technologies and wanted to supply wireless

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