History Of New York City Hall

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The third and the New City Hall of New York has been built in the Lower Manhattan between Broadway and Park Row and is surrounded by a beautiful park. It was constructed and designed from 1803 to 1812 and is highly praised for its extra ordinary architecture. It is one of the oldest city halls and is still used in order to assist a developing municipal government. It has the authority over the five boroughs of New York City, they are Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. When the time came to replace the old city hall which was situated at Wall and Nassau Streets in 1700, the government officials held a competition to determine who would design the new one. The winner of the competition was Joseph Francois Mangin, a French man and a New Yorker named John McComb who built the city hall under French Influences. It is renowned for its exterior structure, which is often called “soaring rotunda” and soon its design became the designated landmark of New York City.
A rehabilitation project was organized in 2010 in order to preserve the building by fixing its structural issues. Through the support of some private donors, energy efficient heating and cooling system, fire safety system and new electrical services were installed so that it matches the standard of today’s building. The portrait collection of City Hall is a fundamental and a historically important part of the building, which includes more than 100 paintings of the presidents of United States, New York City mayors, members of the military and naval and as well as some important political leaders. In the Governor’s room, we can see the most significant portraits, a small museum space which consist of historic furniture like the writing desk of George Washin...

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... have a positive respond to the city’s need. Mayor Bloomberg was stated as one of the best Mayors in Town.
The most recent and the 109th mayor of the New York City is Bill de Blasio. He has devoted his life fighting to ensure that everybody gets a fair treatment in every neighborhood. During the Hurricane Sandy which occurred in October 2012 he took great measures in order to fix the city and its victims. He also promised to improve and repair the city’s recovery effort. He also assured that he would quickly start the process of installing a new recovery team for the Hurricane sandy. Already the government has started repairing the damaged houses and others will be eligible as well to receive the full amount value of their property. Mayor Bill also mentions that the city has spent very little amount of $648 billion in federal and it has kept for rebuilding houses.
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