History Of Nepal

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Nepal is located in the Himalayas. Obviously, it is hilly and mountainous. Nepal is a land-locked region. The three sides of Nepal are bordered by India, and the People Republic of China covers the north of Nepal. The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu. Old Freek Street in Kathmandu is the best example for the typical rural Nepal. It is lively as well as unique in its history. Nearly 81.3% of Nepalese are the followers of Hinduism. Buddhism is followed by 16% of Nepalese as it is historically linked with Nepal. The birthplace of Buddha “Lumbini” is situated in Terai region of Nepal. The remaining percent are the followers of the other religions such as Christianity, Islam, Kirat , and animism. In Nepal, 125 distinct documented languages are spoken that come under two different language sub-groups: the Indo-European language and the Burman language. However, the national language of Nepal is Nepali, which belongs to Indo-European language sub-groups. Nepal is the least developed country. Nepal exports clothing, carpet, leather goods, hemp natural fiber, jute products, and grains and import...

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