History Of Napoleon

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Napoleonic Artillery
Throughout history there have been many leaders that have influenced strategies used on different battlefields. Arguably, one of the most influential leaders this world has ever seen is Napoleon Bonaparte. This young French lord began building his legacy at an early age, proving to the people of the world that he was a force to be reckoned with. Throughout his life he was dealt with many battles and in each and everyone he attacked with impressive military tactics that have been analyzed over time and proven to have shaped the way most of the worlds military operate in their combat operations. Not only did his tactics influence and earn him his well deserved victories, but also paved the way so that artillery can be a key asset to destroy and dominate the battlefield.
At an early age napoleon showed impressive leadership potential. While most children his age wouldn’t analyze a childish game such as a snow ball fight, Napoleon would strategize and create certain tactics to achieve his then great victories. At the young age of ten years old napoleon was sent to a military boarding school. There it was where he found the intrigue to learn about artillery and study to become and commissioned officer. Horne stated Napoleon commissioned as a second lieutenant 1785 at the age of sixteen. According to “The Napoleon Series” by Jenner Vigil, One of Napoleons most iconic tactics that had him recognized was when the French were being over ran by the royalist. On October 5th 1795 Paris was under attack, by then napoleon had control over all of the French field artillery. This was the first time that napoleon showed his impressive military tactics by placing heavy artillery pieces on the rooftops and direct firin...

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...les effect which is in today’s terms a “Right by Piece.”
In conclusion from the very beginning Napoleon Bonaparte showed an incredible amount of potential to achieve great things throughout his life and did. His incredible determination was seen throughout his whole life from his incredible achievements of becoming a second lieutenant to ruling over armies of artillery. The tactics used during his reign of power were so ingenious that they lead to the glorious victories of many of his battles. Not only did his tactics earn him his prestige legacy but also play a vital role in how many future battles played out to date. Across history one can see the incredible impact Napoleon had on future battlefields, portraying many of his tactics to achieve their ultimate goal of victory. Napoleon Bonaparte was a very passionate man, he always knew his true loves which were
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