History Of Hungary

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Blake Henry, Sana Sheikholeslami, Christian Huhn, Emma Kaufman
Western Civilization
May 20, 2014
Many countries in Eastern Europe have struggled throughout history. They have been oppressed, controlled, and silenced by more dominant world powers. Despite this, some countries have been able to gain independence and become prominent in the Western World. These countries have gained authority in world affairs, become members of the European Union, and have shaped the Western World. Hungary has become an example of one of these countries. Despite its unstable past, Hungary is becoming increasingly influential. Throughout the twentieth century, Hungary was under the rule of Eastern European powers or in the midst of an unstable government, thus, Hungary was uninfluential during World War II and the Cold War; however, Hungary has since seized the opportunity of independence and flourished with a booming economy and stable government, driving Hungary to be an influential nation in the Western World.
Hungary had a minimal influence on the outcome of World War II. Before, the disbandment of Austria-Hungary, Austria-Hungary and Germany had formed an alliance. Germany and Hungary maintained the alliance after the separation of Austria-Hungary. Between the years of 1938 and 1941, Germany began to take over Europe. Germany gave the Hungarians sections of the land they conquered (“Case Study: Hungary”). However, in June 1941, when the Germans were defeated by the Russians at Stalingrad, the Hungarians tried to pull out of the alliance (“Case Study: Hungary”). In order to stop the separation, Germany invaded Hungary and set up their own government faithful to the Nazi Party (“Case Study: Hungary”). In mid-October of 1944, the Germa...

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...y nature the member nations are accomplished and ultimately have a say in the Western World. Though they are not as influential as established world powers, such as the United States, China, and Great Britain, Hungary has developed strong roots, which will allow future growth as a powerful nation.
Hungary has faced many obstacles in the past; it has been overshadowed and controlled by dominant country. The oppression of the Hungarian people during World War II and the Cold War, increased the desire for democracy and an independent nation. This desire allowed the Hungarians to unite and rise above their past and create a prominent nation. Overall, modern-day Hungary has become an influential country due to its past and current situation. Hungary’s strong economy, potent government, and accepted position in world affairs has established it as an influential power.
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