History Of Ghana

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2857 words


The word GHANA means “warrior Kings” and it derives from the ancient Ghana Empire. The very short view of Ghana as a country can be seen from the following table.
Republic of Ghana

Coat of arms

Motto: "Freedom and Justice"
Anthem: "God Bless Our Homeland Ghana"

National seal:

Seal of the Republic of Ghana

Location of Ghana (red)
Capital Accra

Largest city Accra
Official languages


Unitary presidential constitutional republic

- President
John Dramani Mahama

- Vice-President
Kwesi Amissah-Arthur

Legislature Parliament

Independence from the United Kingdom
- Declared 6 March 1957
- Republic 1 July 1960
- Current constitution
28 April 1992

- Total 238,535 km2 (81st)
92,099 sq mi

- 2010 estimate 24.2 million
- Density 101.5/km2 (103rd)
258.8/sq mi
2013 estimate
- Total $89.509 billion
- Per capita $3,501
GDP (nominal)
2013 estimate
- Total $42.715 billion
- Per capita $1,670
Currency Ghana cedi (GH₵) (GHS)

Calling code

STEEPLED Analysis of Tourism Sector of Ghana:-

S- Social Factors:-
The improvements to infrastructure and new leisure amenities that result from tourism also benefit the local community. Tourism encourages the preservation of traditional customs, handicrafts and festivals that might otherwise have been allowed to wane, and it creates civic pride. Interchanges between hosts and guests create a better cultural understanding and can also help raise global awareness of issues such as poverty and human rights abuses.

Visitor behavior can have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of the host community. For example, crowding and congestion, drugs and alcohol problems, prostituti...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the word ghana means "warrior kings" and it derives from the ancient ghana empire.
  • Explains that pace helps tourism advancement to empower neighborhood tour administrators to better fulfil their capacity as go-betweens and differentiate the nearby offer and in addition help for approach improvement.
  • Opines that agriculture remains a mainstay of economy, accounting for more than one-third of gdp and about 55% of formal employment.
  • Analyzes how ghana fought in obliging returning nationals who worked in cocoa ranches and avoided battling in cote d'ivoire.
  • Explains that ghana has decided to make social advancement through the instrumentation of arrangements and laws that are executed by the official.
  • Explains that moral traveler accepts that careful travel can carry numerous profits, both particular and worldwide.
  • Explains that india is the second most populous nation in the world, with 1.2 billion people.
  • Opines that information engineering should be given the pride of spot in the deliberations to push indian tourism.
  • Explains that tourism is a development motor as well as an occupation generator. tourism provides 6-7 for every penny of the world's aggregate occupations.
  • Explains that tourism can help straightforwardly to the protection of delicate ranges and territory. sound natural administration of tourism offices and particularly inns can expand the profits to nature's turf.
  • Explains that popular government is deeply dug in the indian political framework, where force is imparted between states and the focal point. majority rule government, however, is regularly obliged by social strains due to religious, station, and phonetic distinctions.
  • Explains that ethics has been one of the central concerns of both philosophy and religion, two areas of human endeavour that are increasingly displaced by the preoccupation with seemingly more ‘practical’ aspects of existence.
  • Describes the demographic factors of ghana, including population, age structure, dependency ratio, population growth rate, literacy, birthrate, death rate and sex ratio.
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  • Explains that tourism improves infrastructure and new leisure amenities, which benefit the local community. interchanges between hosts and guests create a better cultural understanding and raise global awareness of issues like poverty and human rights abuses.
  • Explains that tourism promotes conservation of wildlife and natural resources such as rain forests. it also generates funding for maintaining animal preserves and marine parks.
  • Explains that the tourism business has experienced fast development of unsurpassed nature in the course of the last a few decades.
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