History Of Foot Binding

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2 Foot binding is one of the cultures in China, signifying beauty and torture. Also, signifies that a girl had achieved womanhood. Men think that foot binding is a physical attractive in a woman. Foot binding may be a torture for women, but is part of the culture, and they had to respect the culture, otherwise they will be considered unmarriageable and become concubines or servants. Foot binding was motivated in the 10th centuries by a ballet dancer named Yao Niang, who bound her feet in a new moon shape to perform a dance to the emperor Li Yu. He was so enamored with her performance that wrote verses about the beauty of Yao’s feet. Woman bound their feet to have a royal like, and beauty that would entice a wealthy man to their lives…show more content…
. “Foot-binding is said to have been inspired by a tenth-century court dancer named Yao Niang who bound her feet” (Amanda Foreman).
3 Lily talked about three types of love; laotong love, mother love, and family love. Laotong love was between Snow Flower and Lily, they spend their childhood together until they got married. The love that Lily had for Snow Flower was inexplicable, they love each other as sisters, they took care one to other. Lily love Snow Flower for such a great girl, Lily admired Snow Flower for all the things that she knew about life. They spend their time be learning new thing from each other. Lily started to show some love for Snow Flower when they slept together in the upstairs chamber. Mother love was different from laotong love, the love that Lily had for her mother was immense, but her mom didn’t show her some love of mother Lily knew that even though her mother didn’t show some love she still mother still loved her as a mother would love all their children. Lily
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Nu shu was a language that just women could understand, it was written with characters, and each character had a meaning. The laotongs send a fan with nu shu character telling their stories, dreams, accomplishments and they expressed how they felt. It developed once they found out that it could be a way to protect their dignity and let other women their feeling and their dreams. Also, they would tell how their wife’s live and how did their in-laws and husband treat them. The secret nu shu fan symbolize the laotong life, also, symbolize a way of communication between them when that are not together. Snow Flower sent Lily the fan to start wrote their journey as laotong. They wrote in the fan about everything that was happening on their lives, so they could save it as a journal between them. Lily and Snow Flower sent the fan back and forth for years while they took care of their families and they would talk about how their day was and what was in in their homes. Lily kept the fan because Snow Flower was the last one to write in there before she died and Lily never answer back. Lily kept the fan with her on the “Sitting Quietly Days”.” I opened the fan, dipped my brush into the ink, and made what I thought would be my final entry. You who always knew my heart now fly above the clouds in the warmth of the sun. I hope one day we will soar together”

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