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Bobby Niederhausen Resaeach Paper Mrs. Lewis 8 April, 2014 When you hear the word Croquet, what do you think of? Most people may think of the old game in Britain however, there is much more to the game now. It has progressed in numerous ways. It was first played in the 1500's as a game called "Pale Male". Then in the 1850's, it was played with a wooden mallet and willow branches for hoops. The game had many versions as it was played competitively. One such game was the kick version "Toequet". There are also many different types of Croquet in Asia. Present day here in the United States, the game is on the rise and is played competitvely in the backyard at afternoon parties. The rules of Croquet have also changed over the past seven centuries. The modern game is often played outdoors at social gatherings.The player to begin play places his ball about mid-way between the stake and the first wicket. He hits the ball with the mallet and attempts to pass through the wickets before him. If he passes through both wickets, he receives two bonus strokes. (Croqet by Steven Boga). The rules of the game have not changed much over the years. It is the equipment that has changed, mostly in the mallets. There is little history of the origin of the first games of Croquet however, Bobby Niederhausen Resaeach Paper Mrs. Lewis 8 April, 2014 offshoots of it were created and played in London by a man named Spratt. The first versions are thought to be very similar to the current game that is widely played. The first ball however, was hard and made from wood, making it difficult to hit. Nowdays, it is often made of nylon. It is thought that the sport excelled and grew in popularity because it accepted both male and female players, wh... ... middle of paper ... ...ackyard party game. It is a real sport and isn't difficult to understand. Throughout it's progression, Croquet has changed a lot. Creativity and new rules have made the game better through the years. There is a great future for the game as a competitive and well known sport. It has weathered the test of time and crossed many borders. Although, it may never be as popular as the NFL, MLB, and NBA, it still has great potential. It doesn't include hard contact or luck of your genes. Therefore, it can be enjoyed by all with little risk or injury. It has evolved into a quality game with a great fan base. One great reason Croquet is a good gameis the fan base. Many fans youg and old all share the same thing, the love and passion for the history and simplicity of the game. Croquet is a great past-time and fun way to bring people together to play a game and share good times.

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