History Of Computer Animation

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Sri Harsha Puli
Computer Animations

1. What is Animation
2. Computer Animation
3. Hardware and Software
Silicon Graphics Inc (SGI)
4. Types of Computer Animation Software worth Knowing
Cinema 4D
5. Types of Computer Animation
Computer Assist
Motion Control and Scripts
CGI Compositing
Motion Capture
Flash Animation
6. Conclusion
7. References:

What is Animation?
Giving a life to something that cannot move on its own and making it to move is nothing but animating. Animation generally makes the thing easy to explain or clearly understandable and eventually increases the potential of projecting the information. The animator will have to visualize the things how they should move in space and how they work. [1]
Computer Animation
As the time passes and as the technology increases the method of animation has been transformed into computer- generated. All the advanced methods made the man’s life easier and more creative by trading off the level of control on animation he has on his thoughts. Computer animations classified into three categories they are simulation, key framing and motion capture. [2]
The striking thing comes into the mind when thinking about computer animations is its applications about the flashy, cartoonish productions for big screen or consoles. But Including the entertainment industry it also has its own name and fame in many departments. [4]
Hardware and Software
The quality of the animations mainly depends on its hardware and software components. To give the best outcomes both of these components should consider equally important. To make the right choice for a ...

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... in.
Generally there is no single perfect tool to fit for the appropriate animation, as the correctness of the tool will depend on what effect the animator wants to develop. The best piece of animation will need to be joined together to simulate reality as artistically as possible.

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