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Charles Lindbergh was known for being the first man to fly a non-stop flight over the Atlantic Ocean. He started his flight from the United States in New York and ended his flight by touching down safely in Paris, France. "He completed his journey in May of 1927 and instantly became regarded a hero and celebrity”(Petersen). Following his new success, Lindbergh went on a nationwide tour so Americans could have a chance to meet the famous pilot. While on tour, Lindbergh met the woman that he would marry, Anne Morrow. "They became engaged after three months and married on May 27, 1929." The couple was married for over a year when they welcomed their first child, Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr., on June 22, 1930 (Petersen). After the birth of their son, and even before his birth, the Lindbergs were a big story in the media. Because of the overwhelming media, Charles and Anne Lindbergh decided to purchase three hundred and ninety acres just outside of Hopewell, New Jersey, and constructed a twenty-room, two-story home (Petersen). On the night of Tuesday, March 1, 1932, an intruder entered into their newly constructed home on the second floor. Upon entering the home, the intruder took the Lindbergs twenty-month-old son and slipped back into the night (Levy). The kidnapping would soon be known as the crime of the century and captivate many American during the Great Depression (Laston). The kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh Jr. took place between the times of eight p.m and ten p.m. (Levy). The child 's nurse, Mrs. Gow, was the person to find that the child was no longer in his crib (Petersen). The child 's parents were downstairs having dinner at the time of the kidnapping (Levy). Once the nurse discovered that the child was no longer... ... middle of paper ... ...n who was a patient in a mental hospital and was forced to make a confession through kidnapping and torture. The confession was deemed not credible by a judge and Hauptmann 's death sentence continued as originally set (Laston). "On Friday, April 3, 1936, Bruno Hauptmann was executed in Trenton, New Jersey" (Petersen). The kidnapping and death of Charles Lindbergh Jr. was a shock to the nation. Many people wondered how such a thing could happen to someone like Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly over the Atlantic Ocean (Perloff). Even though Bruno Hauptmann was convicted and sentenced to death for the kidnapping and killing of Charles Lindbergh Jr. he never confessed to the crime. Without the confession of the crime, it leaves many people to question what really happened on that rainy nights when the Lindbergh baby was snatched from his crib (Petersen).

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