History Of Ancient Egyptian Mummy

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Mummy literally refers to a dry corpse. The ‘mummy’ originated from a Persian’s word ‘muniai’, which means ‘wax.’ Ancient Egyptians used the specific preservation spices to preserve the body of the death. They believed that the soul of the dead people will not disappear but they will dwell in the statue or the corpse. Therefore, the body of Pharaoh was made into a mummy after his death.


Originally, mummy referred to asphalt meaning a non-decomposed body. Large amount of mummies with the most complicated technology in their making have been found in Egypt. When Egyptians made a mummy, they used an iron hook to extract the brain marrow out from the dead person’s nose nostrils. Then they stuffed the empty side in the brain part with drugs for cleaning
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Its discovery has aroused worldwide attention, as its discovery is as important as the rise of Washington, Lincoln, Alexander or Keliaomotela mummies. This mummy also led scientists to carry out an unprecedented test and scientists keep on asking,” Can the modern science and technology manage to duplicate such ancient Egyptian mummies?”

Otzi Iceman mummy is a historic mummy, which was thought to be 5,300 years old and the first ever recorded in the human history. During the cold age of prehistoric time, this mummy was murdered. This iceman mummy indicates that the victim did not die due to an accident. Apart from the Alberta Gaiyin murder case recorded by the Bible, this mummy is probably the oldest evidenced murder victim.

This is Nordic marches mummy found lying on the ground. Its body cramped with wrinkles and its red hair looks as though it is a devil. It was a sad event that this mummy was given as an offering to an ancient God. It proved to us that the legendary alleged living offerings did exist in human history long
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