History Of ABC Family

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Rachel Vasone
April 18, 2014
TV & Culture
ABC Family
Background/History of Channel
ABC Family was launched in 1977 by a televangelist named Pat Robertson’s as a Christian Broadcasting Network(CBN) focused mostly on religious programming, until 1981 when it was changed to CBN Cable Network and instead began to include a mix of recent and classic family oriented films and series while also keeping few religious programs. At this time ABC Family already reached one million homes. It was not until 7 years later in 1988 that the word “family” was actually included in the channel’s name and became known as The CBN Family Channel. Soon the network gained significant popularity and profit thus it was spun off to a new company, International Family Entertainment Inc., to keep CBN’s non profit status safe. By 1990 it was called the Family Channel. Then in 1998 it was renamed to Fox Family Channel, until 2001 when Disney bought and rebranded ABC Family. In 2006, a new slogan was developed under ABC Family: A New Kind of Family It became the American basic cable and satellite television channel owned by a division of Disney-ABC Television part of Walt Disney Company, that we know today as simply “ABC Family”.
The type of viewers ABC Family receives mainly resonate in the 18-34 age group (37%) and the 35-54 age group (35%). ABC Family’s viewers are mostly women (70%) and a little less than half attended college. Some households that view ABC Family are those with one or more child (45%). So essentially the channel targets young to middle aged females and families.
Commercial Profile of the Channel
In terms of advertising and commercials, ABC Family does a lot of self promoting of their own dramas, original movies, blockbusters and qual...

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... has become obvious to me that rather than a family channel, this network is mainly targeted at young to middle aged women. After going through multiple transformations from CBN network to Fox Family channel to finally ABC Family, the channel has seen its most success as ABC Family: A new kind of family. Although this is one of my top favorite channels and it will continue to be, I found myself very exhausted and bored with most of the viewing I did. The series were enjoyable as I love Boy Meets World and That 70s Show, though most series were outdated and of no interest to me. Overall I find ABC Family to be a full filing and entertaining channel, with versatile shows films and series. However I could never solely watch ABC Family without flicking through other channels on the remote without going absolutely crazy from the repetitive advertisements and movies.
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