History Made by Danica Patrick, NASCAR Driver

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Racing Her Way Into History
“I just understand that if you put the hard work in before you go out there that you can have a little peace of mind knowing that you’ve done everything you can and just let it happen.” Danica Patrick had been a very powerful role model to women everywhere. She has changed history and society for women by being the first woman to win the Daytona 500 poll or any NASCAR premier series event, breaking the NASCAR barrier between men and women, and also winning Japan’s Indy 300, a very important race.
Being the first woman to make history in NASCAR Danica Patrick also has a very intriguing racing background. “Patrick’s racing career began with go-karts in her hometown of Belot, Wisconsin, at the age of 10. At age 16 after National success in go-karts, Patrick left high school to race formula Fords and Vault halls in the United Kingdom…Patrick returned to the United States in 2002 after being signed to her first U.S. Indy-car racing contract…” With Danica’s interesting racing childhood she was bound to make history.
Many great people have added numerous amounts of history to the NASCAR sport over time but no one dared to go as far as Danica Patrick. “Danica Patrick makes history as the first woman to win the poll for the Daytona 500. That puts her in the best starting position for the race…That’s also her first full-time season in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup series.” That
Warner 2 is very astonishing to see someone let alone a woman achieve that in their first full-time season of NASCAR. “That’s the incredible race car driver Danica Patrick making history right there. She just put her barrier breaking career into high gear. And we were cheering for Danica as she became the first woman ever to win the poll position a...

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...th place in Japans Indy 300, but late in the race, three drivers ahead of her had to stop for gas. She zoomed into the lead on the 198th lap with two laps to go. Danica Patrick wins! Patrick won by nearly 6 seconds.” That win must have shown how clever Danica truly is. Miss Patrick is a very well known figure in NASCAR because of her hard work, determination, and willingness to not give up.
Being the first woman to ; win the Daytona 500 poll, breaking the NASCAR barrier, and winning a major race, Japan’s Indy 300, Danica Patrick changed the way people look at women for forever. She proved that women can do anything they set their mind to. “Take those chances and you can achieve greatness, whereas if you go conservative, you’ll never know. I truly believe what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Even if you fail, learning and moving on is sometimes the best thing.”

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