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Martin Luther’s birth, reworking his memory to convert him into a precursor of themselves”. They capitalized on events such as these but integrating the Nazi platform of virtue into Church teachings. The Nazi message of opposing the Jewish agenda in Germany also drew support from Protestant Churches. To combat the Jewry of Germany Protestants sought to remove the Old Testament from the Bible and purged the New Testament of anything Jew related. Protestant Churches also complied with the Aryan paragraph and dismissed anyone with Jewish ties from their employment. As part of this there was attempts to separate the Jew from Jesus. Statements such as “it is clear that the doctrine of Jesus’s Jewish racial heritage is a fraud and that the truth is that Jesus was of Aryan descent” and “Christ’s cross has stood between Christians as believers in Jesus of Nazareth, and the Jews” , were very common. Jews were seen as the enemy to most Christians. Hitler then stood as a bulwark against the evils of the Jews, as stated in Erikson on pg. 46, Hitler railed against prostitution, pornography, and homosexuality blaming modern moral decadence on Jews”. Also the Christians viewed Nazism of a remedy to Socialism. “National Socialism and Christian concepts are irreconcilable. The Churches build upon man’s ignorance, while National Socialism, rests on scientific foundations.” By supporting Nazism Christians were defeating socialism and viewed Nazi rule as their Savior. The Catholic Church however played a much different role. As stated in Evans vol. 2 on page 234 “Hitler both admired and feared the Catholic Church”. He considered Catholics to be less than loyal citizens because they owed their allegiance to the Pope. At first Catholics we... ... middle of paper ... ... the Vatican. Overall while the Church had some initial resistance to Nazism it was not strong enough and should share in some of the blame. After all it was the Catholic Centrist Party who gave the Nazi Party majority in the Reichstag, although this can be seen as a last chance effort to retain power by the Catholic party. In conclusion, both Churches are to blame for not playing a more active role in criticizing the Holocaust. The Protestant Church offered little resistance and the Catholic Church offered initial resistance but ultimately failed in the long run. They both could have done much more to resist the Nazi regime. I have used sources from Ericksen, Evans and Bergen, along with other primary sources to support my conclusion. In the end blame can be assigned to both Churches, because they both stood idly by while over 11 million people were killed.

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