History And History Of Cambodia

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Cambodia is a country in the eastern region of Asia between surrounding neighboring countries Thailand at the North West, Vietnam at the east, and Laos situated at the northern section. Cambodia has a dark past that many people of today’s society aren’t aware of. A past so appalling it is even having effects on the country today. Cambodia is a country home to one of the most atrocious acts that have ever occurred in the world. During the 1970’s Cambodia was plagued by an act of genocide at the hands of the Khmer Rouge so horrendous that it nearly decimated the entire populace of Cambodia. During the 1960’s through the 1970’s Cambodia was engulfed with battles for authority primarily between two political organizations. One political organization was the Khmer Republic. The Khmer Republic didn’t agree on the direction its country was heading at the hands of its monarch. As a result members of the Khmer Republic initiated a rebellion against the monarch in efforts to dethrone and to gain political strength. Another was the Communist Party of Kampuchea better known as the Khmer Rouge with the unpleasant intentions of initiating its ideology. Cambodia is a country that was held captive for four grueling years by Khmer Rouge. The intention of this organization was to return the country back to an agrarian society composed of peasant people focused on agriculture. This Political organization was led by a man with the radical name Pol Pot. This communist regime without a doubt would have slaughtered more of its own people if it weren’t for the invasion of Cambodia by the Vietnamese Army. This invasion ended the horror of the Cambodian population and the rule of terror by the Khmer Rouge. The leader of the Khmer Rouge was a man named Sa... ... middle of paper ... ...oners were also jailed in these facilities. The families of the prisoners were also tortured into giving force confessions. Prisoners of these facilities were often malnourished. Some even committed suicide to avoid being tortured into giving a force confession. “The prisoners were selected from all around the country, and usually were former Khmer Rouge members and soldiers, accused of treason.” (Miller). During the operation of the prisons there were 14,200 prisoners who entered S-21. “Of the 14,000 people known to have entered, only seven survived.” (S21). This facility employed many different types of torture methods ranging from removing the nails off of the prisoner’s phalanges, drowning them, electrocution, using hot metal objects to burn the prisoner, and or hanging them. Finally in 1979 this facility was shut down after the invasion of the Vietnamese army.

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