History: Ancient China

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Bunch, Justin
Hise. 197 1948, Spring 2014
Prof. Tomoff
Early China and its Communist ties! Who is the reddest of red?
In the early 20th century China was going through a massive political and institutional change. The old system of Imperial rule via the Manchu’s was being discarded in favor of a more democratic one at least on the surface. The reality is that once the rule passed onto this new democratic system the then Yuan Shikai originally was the face of the Modern military of China under the ailing Manchu dynasty which gave him much credit with the Chinese peasantry but due to a concessional disaster with the Japanese which gave them many imperialist powers in China and ineffectual leadership as President Yuan Shi Kai quickly tired of role as President and made desperate bids to resuscitate the old imperial format but this time with himself as a New Emperor of China. It failed. China was too far along to go back into the Imperialist system too many of the systems that had propped up the decaying imperial system had been done away with such as the local landed elite otherwise known as the gentry class. Without the invasive gentry class involved within the system the reborn system floundered and failed. By 1916 Yuan Shikai was dead Leadership of China became fragmentary with much emphasis being placed not in a Republic or Democracy but in small pocket kingdoms throughout China. This was the Warlord era and would last until the end of the 1920’s. What happened in the calm before the storm so to speak is that many political activist movements began to gain ground on the Chinese public. Feminism began to surface with expanded interest in what it meant to chaste? Foot binding the art of mutilating woman’s feet began to be frowned o...

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...essfully time and again gathered support and understanding from the peasants in the countryside, and though ill equipped where constantly present and a thorn in the side of the KMT. By 1948 Mao with the help of his General Liu Piao had proven themselves against the warlords of the era before World War II then again against the KMT leading up to and during World War II and then again against the KMT during the immediate end of World War II. In 48 with constant though covert help from Stalin in the USSR though he was at first helping the KMT as well, the PLA now better armed and with the help of the people from the countryside, and using the general disgust that the most non KMT Chinese felt for the KMT, and the inept leadership of the KMT militarily. The end of the KMT should have come to pass much sooner than it otherwise had. In Dec of 1947 leading into Jan 1948
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