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The American Revolution was one of the most world altering conflicts to ever occur in history. The United States’ separation from Great Britain was seemingly an impossible task. The small, budding American nation believed so deeply in that it was able to overcome Great Britain, one of the world superpowers in the 1700s, and shock the world. After the American Revolution conflict had finally come to an end, the newly formed United States was much like a college freshman. Emerging from times of hardship and unfairness, such as high school, new opportunities, freedoms, and responsibilities were starting to form. As a student enters college he is free of his parents, much like the United States that was free from the power Great Britain had on almost every part of colonial life. The United States had to make decisions on whether or not they would continue living as they had been under a king, or if it was time to form a new republic with egalitarian standards. The United States after the war had civil rights movements, politics changing and morphing, and religious revivals. Most shocking of all, many of these radical changes took place in just a short decade following the conclusion of the war. Though the United States was stuck with a whole new list of responsibilities, the freedoms gained and the new lives formed were beneficial and helped the United States rise to the superpower that it has become today.
The idea of taxation without proper representation had upset the colonists so much that war was inevitable by 1774. Although, there were still many people who were firmly against the thought of going to war with Great Britain, the majority of the colonists knew they were being mistreated and demanded freedom by any means nece...

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.... Political views and schisms did exist. But what started as a naive college freshman emerged a responsible, well mannered, senior seemingly ready to take on any challenge that it could be presented with.
With new freedoms and responsibilities our newly formed country was ready for any new challenges that could oppose us. United under a president not a king, the United States may have lacked the historical, and cultural background that its allies and enemies in Europe possessed, but the threat they posed, and the opportunities they offered proved that breaking away from the British was not only the best decision for them but the most beneficial economic decision that could have been made. I do not overlook the blood that was spilled, and the arguements that ensued to help our country arrive at this new level of prominence but these mens’ sacrifice was for the best.

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