Historiography Of Military History

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Military history has had it’s up and down throughout the years, depending on who you are talking to about it. It has always been popular it with the public who are not a scholar for a living, but in the academic world it is not as popular as it is public. Before getting on what the current state of the military history needs to know the historiography of the military history and how it affect how the military is seen in today.
The historiography of the military history has changed over the years from the start of the military. At the beginning of Ancient time’s military history was more about what kings had done in battle, especially with complex, society that had some kind of written language like Egypt and Mayan Mesoamerica . It was not
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Academic military history is different from popular military history at least in later. At first, it was like the popular military history writing about the great battle and generals then later move to more focus on the big academic question. This is called “The New Military History”, which started in the late 1960s. There is a greater emphasis on the common soldier and what his motivations and what happen after the war . Currently Military history is not a very popular history or at least in the academic world. This type of history has a bad rep in the scholars see this type of history as only focusing on writing about the major battles and important figures like General and great military leader in the military which mostly popular with the public. The best sum up is a quote by Robert Bruce, “Military historians have been hunted into extinction by politically active faculty members who think military history is a subject for right-wing, imperialistic warmongers,” . Academic think that military history as very right wing.This is what Kohn Exploring the Social History of the Military was talking about. Military history is more than just great generals and battles. There are soldiers and they have their own stories to tell with their own motivations and until historians drop this stereotype of military history is only about great leaders and battle, enlist men are going to stay out of history as unknown